GlamWhite® LED Accelerator Light


New product

The new LED Accelerator from GlamWhite®. Now with 5 strong LEDs.

More power in less time!

> More efficient application

> Accelerates the whitening action of the bleaching gel

> Stays in place hands-free when used with trays

> Smooth cold blue LED light

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GlamWhite® LED Light Accelerator

Thanks to our mini LED lamp, the teeth whitening treatment can be safely and effectively accelerated. The blue LED light, also known as cold light, preserves your oral tissues and allows the optimal and fast activation of the whitening gel.

With the blue LED lighting technology, the treatment time is up to 6 times shorter than conventional methods where the treatment is carried out for several hours (or even overnight). With the GlamWhite® LED Light Accelerator, this is no longer necessary!

This mini LED light can be used in connection with one of our home teeth whitening kits or combined with the GlamWhite® Whitening Trays.

GlamWhite Elite KitPremium Home Whitening System

> Do you already own a GlamWhite® Elite Kit or a Premium® Home Whitening System ? If you don't, you can get one now on our shop at an advantageous price.

Please note that you need a pair of moldable mouth trays and the bleaching gel for the application of this product!

This blue LED accelerator light is used to enhance the effect of the whitening gel during home teeth whitening treatments. When used with whitening trays, it stays in place hands-free. When used with a cheek retractor, you would need to hold it in front of your teeth during the treatment.

Each home bleaching kit already includes a mini LED lamp. The GlamWhite® Elite Kit includes the strong GlamWhite® LED Light Accelerator with 5x LEDs and the Premium® Home Whitening System includes the LED Light Accelerator with 1x LED.


Video GlamWhite® Elite Kit




  • Teeth whitening LED accelerator Light
  • 2x CR 2025 Batteries 


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"Wow, was für ein Effekt! Ich hatte danach (schnee-)weisse Zähne" Beitrag von Nissi Mendes

"I found GlamWhite to be very convenient. I'm only on my second session but already see an improvement"

"Sweet Inspiration Beauty & Lifestyle Blog: a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"

"LaughLoveLori - Smile and the world will smile to you: GLAMWHITE"

"Rougediamants - I am really impressed with the results as it brightened all the teeth"

"Makeuplau - J’ai testé un kit pour blanchir les dents – GlamWhite"

"Rougediamants - Already after one treatment...I am hugely impressed with GlamWhite"

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sehr gut

0 1 2 3 4

Klein aber oho!

Ich war zuerst skeptisch aber das mini LED Licht funktioniert gut während der Behandlung. Ich benutze es mit dem GlamWhite Gel.

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  • GlamWhite®
  • Product Width: 52.00 mm
  • Product Height: 30.00 mm
  • Product Depth: 60.00 mm
  • Product Weight: 26.00 g

"Excellent product quality, its effectiveness fully met my expectations. I have never achieved such results in so little time before."

Didier M., 31.03.2015 (translated from french)

"Thank you very much, worked wonderfully ! very quickly and easily ! Best regards"

Felix Langenauer, 12.01.2015 (translated from german)

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