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Keep up with your beautiful smile using the Premium Refill Kit for your teeth whitening

> 5 to 7 applications

> 10 ml whitening gel

> Without hydrogen peroxide

> Voucher with CHF 15 for the next refill kit

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CHF 54.00

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The Premium Home Whitening System Refill Kit

The teeth whitening gel contained in this refill kit can also be used in accordance with other methods. If you're looking for a generic bleaching gel to use with your own whitening system, for example if you would like to combine it with the mouth trays your dentist prepared for you, this refill kit is universally compatible with other systems.

The content of the Premium Refill Kit has been carefully studied for those who want to refresh their teeth whitening, whether in combination with our Premium Home Whitening System or with other similar methods. However, the combined use with the Premium Home Whitening System or with the GlamWhite® Elite Kit provides the best results and increased efficiency especially with the use of the GlamWhite® mini-LED light that can significantly reduce the time of treatment.

Kit contents:

  • 1x 10ml syringe with high quality whitening gel (made in USA, without hydrogen peroxide in the composition) suitable for 5-7 applications
  • 1x Activatior spray
  • 1x voucher for special discount on your next order of a Premium Refill Kit (worth CHF 15.00). This means that each time you buy a Refill Kit, you will get the voucher! Simply enter the coupon code when ordering.

Important: It is presumed that you already own a Premium Home Whitening System or a GlamWhite® Elite Kit and therefore have adapted mouth trays and a mini LED light activator. Or: You have your own custom mouth trays from a different home bleaching method, which you can easily use with our whitening gel Refill Kits.

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S est geniale

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Kit de recharge Premium

Un gel pas aggréssif du tout et un bon résultat. Très bon rapport qualité-prix. Un bon de réduction de 15.- est inclus dans la recharge.

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Günstiges und gutes Gel, auch wenn ich mit dem Gel von glamwhite mehr zufrieden bin.

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  • Premium
  • Product Width: 23.00 mm
  • Product Height: 110.00 mm
  • Product Depth: 220.00 mm
  • Product Weight: 55.00 g

"Excellent product quality, its effectiveness fully met my expectations. I have never achieved such results in so little time before."

Didier M., 31.03.2015 (translated from french)

"Thank you very much, worked wonderfully ! very quickly and easily ! Best regards"

Felix Langenauer, 12.01.2015 (translated from german)

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