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The GlamWhite® Whitening Trays are prefilled mouth trays for the easy and comfortable home bleaching.

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> 10x Prefilled whitening trays

> 20 minutes a day application / 5 days

> Without hydrogen peroxide

> Very easy to use

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GlamWhite® Whitening Trays are perfect for a simple, fast and effective teeth whitening at home.

The ready to use Whitening Trays of GlamWhite® are smooth, flexible and offer maximum comfort and ease of use for the home application. The bleaching gel is hydrogen peroxide-free in the composition and can whiten up to 7 shades brighter without causing dental sensitivity. The application is easy and very intuitive.

Depending on the desired result, and in order to maintain an irresistible smile for the long term, we recommend repeating the treatment every 2 to 3 months.

Grab it now and enjoy the GlamWhite® Whitening Trays - Your smile is very important give it a new shine!

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Product details:

  • Each pack contains 10 prefilled whitening trays
  • Only 20 minutes application per day
  • Whitening cycle of only 5 days
  • Smooth and flexible mouth trays
  • Visible results from the very first application
  • Up to 7 shades brighter
  • Only 4 very simple steps for an irresistible smile
  • Intuitive and practical
  • Without parabens
  • In compliance with the ordinance on Cosmetics (OCos) and the guidelines of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO)
  • Whiten your teeth comfortably at home or wherever you are
  • The effective, simple and affordable home bleaching solution
  • Made in the USA with many years of know-how

Content of the kit:

  • High quality whitening gel, with no hydrogen peroxide in the composition, made in the United States of America
  • 10 prefilled whitening trays ready to use (5 for the upper and 5 for the lower teeth)
  • Step by step instructions

Easy application:

GlamWhite Whitening Trays Schritt einsGlamWhite Whitening Trays Schritt zwei
1. Peel back the foil and
remove the whitening trays
from the pack.
Apply one tray on the upper teeth
and one on the lower teeth.
2. Press the front of the trays
against your teeth. Upward direction
for the upper tray, downward direction
for the lower tray, until the gel
has evenly covered your teeth.
GlamWhite Whitening Trays Schritt dreiGlamWhite Whitening Trays Schritt vier
3. Wear the trays for 20 minutes 
and discard them when you finished.
4. Rince your mouth abundantly
with lukewarm water 
to remove residues.
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  • GlamWhite®
  • Product Width: 230.00 mm
  • Product Height: 40.00 mm
  • Product Depth: 123.00 mm
  • Product Weight: 72.00 g

"Excellent product quality, its effectiveness fully met my expectations. I have never achieved such results in so little time before."

Didier M., 31.03.2015 (translated from french)

"Thank you very much, worked wonderfully ! very quickly and easily ! Best regards"

Felix Langenauer, 12.01.2015 (translated from german)

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