GlamWhite® Home Bleaching Elite Kit


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The GlamWhite® Elite Kit is the effective and safe teeth whitening set for home use in Switzerland

Short time special price drop: CHF 119.- instead of CHF 169.-

> Included! 1 x GlamWhite® Whitening Pen (value CHF 49.-)

> Remineralization to strengthen your teeth and vitamin E for gum protection 

> 10ml whitening gel 6% + LED lamp

> Up to 12 shades brighter in only 5 applications

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The effective and safe home whitening experience in Switzerland


The GlamWhite® Elite Kit allows you to get a brighter smile, while just chilling on your sofa!

Developed in collaboration with Dr. med. Dent. Christian Yaste, GlamWhite® offers high-quality products that are both effective and safe. This kit already impressed thousands of Swiss citizens with its well designed and thought out content giving excellent results.

A neat white smile is a sign of health, vitality and youthfulness. It is suitable as a business card in every situation and gives more confidence. GlamWhite® was conceived to whiten your teeth safely at home at an advantageous price. Thanks to the blue LED lighting technology, the treatment time is up to 6 times shorter than conventional methods where the treatment has to be applied during several consecutive hours.

GlamWhite® provides the whitening gel with the highest authorized efficiency on the Swiss market for cosmetic whitening at home. In addition, the main kit as well as its refill kit, contain both a quality remineralizing gel to strengthen your teeth and vitamin E to nourish and maintain your gums. The moldable (thermoforming) mouth trays are easily shaped - you have to shape them just once and can use them on all your future applications.

Using the active oxygen, prevents from tooth enamel abrasion, which is instead caused by the use of abrasive toothpastes.

Once you have done your first complete application, we recommend to refresh your results every 6 months with the suitable refill kit. Thus, the best results are maintained at a very reasonable price.

During the conception of GlamWhite® with Dr. med. dent. Yaste, safety, efficacy and quality were our absolute priorities. In Switzerland, GlamWhite® proves for several years now that these basic conditions are critical to successful teeth whitening at home. Although other players have tried to copy our concept and our products over the years, our customers are aware that when they use an original GlamWhite® product, quality, performance and safety remain for us without compromise. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust and we are pleased to know that with GlamWhite® we give them a radiant smile. GlamWhite®: You can see the difference!

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Elite Kit features:

  • Irresistible results - brightens up to 12 shades
  • Precision and safety with customizable mouth trays
  • Remineralizing treatment for the protection and strengthening of the teeth
  • Vitamin E for the nurturing care of the gums
  • Visible results after the first application
  • Teeth whitening happens externally and internally
  • 6x faster than traditional methods thanks to LED technology
  • Developed and recommended by Dr. med. Dent Christian Yaste
  • Without Parabens
  • Conformity with the guidelines of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO)
  • Easy to use, long-term results
  • Exclusively produced in the US for Switzerland - Swiss Edition

Elite Kit contents:

  • GlamWhite® Whitening Gel 10ml (6% hydrogen peroxide released)
  • Included! 1 GlamWhite® Whitening Pen (6% hydrogen peroxide released)
  • Remineralizing Gel to strengthen and desensitize your teeth
  • 5 x Vitamin E Swabs 
  • NEW! GlamWhite® LED Light Accelerator with 5x LEDs (batteries incl.)
  • 2 x Thermoforming Mouth Trays
  • 1 x Teeth Shade Guide
  • 1 x Mouth Tray Box
  • 1 x Instructions 
  • GlamWhite® high end case

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"Wow, was für ein Effekt! Ich hatte danach (schnee-)weisse Zähne" Beitrag von Nissi Mendes

"I found GlamWhite to be very convenient. I'm only on my second session but already see an improvement"

"Sweet Inspiration Beauty & Lifestyle Blog: a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"

"LaughLoveLori - Smile and the world will smile to you: GLAMWHITE"

"Makeuplau - J’ai testé un kit pour blanchir les dents – GlamWhite"

"Rougediamants - Already after one treatment...I am hugely impressed with GlamWhite"

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GlamWhite Home Bleaching Elite Kit

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  • GlamWhite®
  • Product Width: 105.00 mm
  • Product Height: 60.00 mm
  • Product Depth: 195.00 mm
  • Product Weight: 225.00 g

"Excellent product quality, its effectiveness fully met my expectations. I have never achieved such results in so little time before."

Didier M., 31.03.2015 (translated from french)

"Thank you very much, worked wonderfully ! very quickly and easily ! Best regards"

Felix Langenauer, 12.01.2015 (translated from german)

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